OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) — A seven-candidate field seems to have narrowed to two after Ogden City held its mayoral primary on Sept. 5.

While a handful of votes remain to be counted on Thursday, it would appear that candidates Taylor Knuth and Ben Nadolski will advance to the Nov. 21 general election runoff. However, just under 170 votes separated Knuth and Nadolski. Nadolski and third-place candidate Bart E. Blair were only 59 votes apart as of 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

According to Weber County elections officials, the vote tally stood as follows Wednesday afternoon:

  • Taylor Knuth — 1,997 votes (19.92%)
  • Ben Nadolski — 1,829 votes (18.25%)
  • Bart. E Blair — 1,770 votes (17.66%)
  • Angel Castillo — 1,693 votes (16.89%)
  • Jon J. Greiner — 1,549 votes (15.45%)
  • Oscar Landon Mata — 801 votes (7.99%)
  • Chris Barragan — 385 votes (3.84%)

Knuth, for his part, declared victory earlier tonight, claiming “99% of the votes have been counted.”

“Ogden is the city that built me,” said Knuth. “It’s the city where I became a first-generation college graduate and first-generation homeowner, the city where I built my career and started my family, and most importantly, it’s the city that truly set me on a path that I was never meant to be on. Growing up with a single mother who worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, I was never meant to run for office, let alone win a primary election to be Ogden’s next Mayor. And yet, the people of Ogden have made their choice clear.”

“This is exactly where we thought we’d be,” Nadolski told ABC4 Tuesday night. “We knew it was going to be tight… But we’re confident that we had a lot of momentum leading all the way through today.”

The last day to register to vote in the general election is Nov. 10. Mail ballots will go out in about eight weeks.