KEARNS, Utah (ABC4) — The shooter in a road rage incident turned violent in Kearns on Monday told police he was “sorry it had to get to that point,” according to a booking affidavit.

Dravin Robinson, 23, was taken into custody after the shooting and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. He faces two counts of third-degree felony aggravated assault, one count of third-degree felony discharge of a firearm, misdemeanor criminal mischief, and a violent disorderly conduct infraction.

The violent road rage happened just after 3 p.m. Monday near 5400 South and Rockford Street. Unified Police Department Sgt. Melody Cutler confirmed both drivers were going 60 mph. According to the booking affidavit, the victims, a man, and woman, told police they saw Robinson “driving recklessly.” When the two pulled up to a stop light, Robinson and the man in the other car began yelling at each other, according to a police report.

One of the victims, Trenton Butterfield, told that there was actually no verbal communication between he and Robinson prior to shots being fired, and he called the shooting “unprovoked.”

“The victims reported [Robinson] then pulled in front of their vehicle, slammed on his brakes, then got back into the lane next to them,” reported a Unified Police Department officer in a booking affidavit. “[Robinson] fired a single shot through the passenger side of his vehicle, shattering the front window. The male victim was hit with the bullet in the bill of his hat, which he was wearing.”

Police said when the victims called 911 after the shooting, and when they arrived, they noticed the man’s hat was “damaged and frayed.” The woman was uninjured, but crying.

Officers reportedly located Robinson nearby and found a pistol with a single shell casing on the passenger seat of his car. Robinson allegedly asked police multiple times if the victims were OK, saying he was sorry it had to get to that point. Police said Robinson then invoked his Miranda Rights and was not questioned any further.

Unified Police said Robinson showed a “blatant lack of regard for the safety of others.” A Salt Lake City District Court judge agreed with the assessment, ordering Robinson to be held in Salt Lake County jail without bail.

Charges are allegations only. All arrested persons are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.