MORGAN COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A plane crashed in Morgan County on Sunday where the pilot, a man in his early 80s from Idaho, walked out with only a few scratches, then hiked for six miles to get help. 

“It should’ve been completely different,” Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy Derek Chalmers said. 

“I’ve never seen a pilot walk away from an aircraft crash like this,” Mountain Green Fire Chief Brian Brendel said. 

Authorities got word of the plane crash on Sunday at 4 p.m., ready to dispatch multiple medical and search teams. 

“The problem, of course like this, is because it’s in the mountains and it’s difficult to find,” Brendel said. 

But they soon got a call about the crash from the pilot himself. 

“When he called us, he was calm, he was talking to dispatch,” Chalmers said. 

Morgan County Sheriff’s said the pilot was flying towards the mountains when he realized his assent was not high enough to meet the incline of the canyon, so he had to crash land. 

They said he managed to find a perfect opening right in between trees to safely land. 

“He floated it in, he took out a couple of trees, and put it down right next to the road,” Brendel said. 

Officials said once he landed, he then started walking six miles down Cottonwood Rd. to get cell reception, where officials intercepted him. 

“He did not look like a crash victim at all. He’s walking fine, maybe some cuts on his hand, but he just hiked for two hours,” Chalmers said. 

They said the man was soon reunited with his family from the area and, considering the circumstances, they said this is the best scenario they could’ve asked for. 

“When you see an airplane crash come over your pager, you’re expecting the worst, and this was definitely a good outcome,” Brendel said.