SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The TSA at the Salt Lake City International Airport is introducing new technology to make traveling easier and more secure. Passengers will be seeing them along the security checkpoint. It’s the newest generation of Credential Authentication Technology, otherwise known as CAT-2.

Much like the original CAT units, they are designed to scan a traveler’s photo ID and confirm their identity and flight details. What makes CAT-2 different is its ability to take a real-time photo of travelers and compare their facial features to ensure they match. Passengers will be able to use either their photo ID or the GET Mobile ID app that was announced to be accepted at the TSA PreCheck in the Salt Lake City International Airport last week.

“It’s really that extra layer of security to ensure that the ID the traveler is using is in fact authentic. And that’s another benefit of credential authentication technology. That was a feature with the first feature of CAT and continues to be a feature in the second generation of CAT,” said TSA spokesperson Lorie Dankers.

According to Danker, the photos taken by CAT units are immediately deleted after being used. Passengers that do not want to use the facial matching process can opt-out and use another identity verification process.

The CAT-2 units with mobile readers can read credentials from any of the four states offering them at this time as well as the Delta Air Lines Biometric Facial Identification credential and GET mobile driver licenses.

According to TSA Federal Security Director Matt Davis, Salt Lake City is the first airport in the country to have the new CAT-2 units throughout the security checkpoint.

For those using the GET Mobile ID app, officials say to still make sure you carry a physical ID as well.