SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Palestinian flags, signs of protest, and hundreds of voices crying for freedom covered the steps of the Utah State Capitol today, Oct. 21.

Today’s rally was to demonstrate support for Palestine and its struggle for liberation, organizers said.

Party for Socialism and Liberation organizer Nick Stender said it is not just the Middle East that is upset about what is going on — it is the entire world.

“Everybody could go ahead and see what’s going on in Palestine and nobody’s okay with that. But yet our government is still showing like, oh, hey, like they’re trying to speak for us, but we’re trying to show the world that is not ok,” Stender said.

Today’s rally was put on by Palestinian Solidarity Utah, Arabs in Utah, Emerald Project SLC, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Those in attendance marched from the Utah State Capitol down to City Creek Park.

Organizers say this rally’s mission was to call an end to the violation of human rights and to show both Utah and national leaders that they do not support the U.S. aiding Israel.

“The money that’s being spent on bombs and missiles, it’s being sent to the Israeli regime. It’s money that should be spent on the housing, health care, and education of our people at home. We believe that the cause of Palestine, the cause of Gaza, the cause of humanity,” Stender said.

Organizers and rally-goers say that with today’s demonstration, they hope those across the ocean realize they have support in places they may not expect.

Zainab Alrekabi, who attended the rally, hopes the people in Palestine will recognize they are not alone.

“Unfortunately, we can’t go over to Palestine to have their back that way. But we can show that we have their back a different way,” Alrekabi said.