FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4) — A pickup truck dragged two tethered horses along a residential road in Farmington, according to the Humane Society of Utah.

The Humane Society said they strongly condemn the incident and are asking for justice for the horses, according to a press release.

According to the release, eyewitness accounts from concerned neighbors detail the ordeal in which one of the horses collapsed, as it was reportedly unable to keep pace with the truck.

The Utah animal cruelty laws specifically apply to horses when they are treated in a manner not acceptable in animal husbandry, according to the Humane Society. They said dragging horses behind a truck is “unacceptable” and subjects the truck’s driver to penalties, under the criminal code.

Utah’s code 76-9-301 discusses animal cruelty and states that it is illegal to abandon an animal, which they defined as “conditions that present an immediate, direct, and serious threat to the life, safety, or health of the animal.”

The code states that a person is guilty of animal cruelty if they abandon or injure an animal without legal privilege.

Now, the Humane Society said they are asking Davis County investigators to take action in this matter.

“We implore them to initiate legal proceedings against the driver, seeking charges for animal cruelty and traffic violations,” the release states. “The driver’s actions endangered the lives and well-being of these horses and posed a grave risk to public safety, with the potential for serious traffic wrecks or collisions in the area.”