HIGHLAND, Utah (ABC4) — A Highland woman allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from her elderly father to pay for cosmetic surgeries, international flights, and more.

Athena Crane Monson, 54, was arrested Tuesday after Adult Protective Services reported she was allegedly defrauding her elderly father. According to a detective with the South Jordan Police Department, Monson has been using her father’s bank account for her personal gain.

After her father’s wife passed away, Monson obtained Power of Attorney over his financials and allegedly began dipping into his retirement. The elderly victim received multiple deposits from retirement accounts every month throughout 2021, and at the end of January 2021, his account had approximately $60,000 dollars.

After several withdrawals in March and April from an Alta bank in Highland, Utah where Monson resided, the total amount in the account was $32,055. During that time, plane tickets were also purchased through Delta Airlines for approximately $1,700 dollars.

In May and June, another $8,000 was charged to the elderly victim’s account, as well as multiple transactions at ATMs in Las Vegas. An additional $1,600 was reportedly moved from his account into a Venmo account. The elderly victim told officials he didn’t know what Venmo was. At the end of June, the total amount in his account was $8,700.

At the end of June, the elderly victim received a deposit of $71,000 from a reverse mortgage that he and Monson agreed to. And from June 22 to July 20, a total of $22,200 was charged to the account in 139 separate charges. Several transactions were used to purchase plane tickets, as well as purchases and ATM withdrawals in Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada.

From July 21 to August 20, there were reportedly 236 charges made to the account, totaling $32,460. According to the affidavit, one of the charges was for $13,000, paid to Vincent Surgical Arts in Cottonwood Heights.

The amount of money used in 2021 for travel, Venmo, Surgical Arts, hotels, and ATM withdrawals was $275,492.68. The elderly victim told officials that he was not aware of what happened to any of the money obtained through his reverse mortgage and that he had not been to Nevada in 10-15 years. Vincent Surgical Arts were subpoenaed and provided transaction records and a file for Monson.

Monson was arrested as she was returning from the Dominican Republic via Delta Airlines. Officials said they believed Monson used the elderly victim’s account to purchase cosmetic surgery and airfare, as well as to transfer thousands to other accounts.

Monson is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail awaiting charges, and the possibility of bail.