HIGHLAND, Utah (ABC4) — Residents of Highland in Utah County can expect to see a survey arrive in the mailboxes over the next week asking to share thoughts and feedback on allowing alcohol to be sold in the city.

The City of Highland remains one of the last cities in Utah that is considered a “dry city,” meaning, they do not sell alcohol. However, that may change in the next few months. A commercial developer has expressed interest in expanding to Highland, but in order to do so, the alcohol laws that have been in place since 1977 would need to change.

In light of the request, the Highland City government is asking residents to weigh in on whether or not the strict alcohol laws should be removed or kept in place.

“The general reaction is there are some residents who would really like to keep Highland the way it is,” said Highland City Council Member Kim Rodella. “There are other residents who are really excited about having some new restaurants in here, some dining options and who feel that it’s time to see a little progress.”

Highland resident Wesley Warren said he has been shocked by how much overwhelming support has come in to change the city’s alcohol laws.

“Not because everyone wants to drink or even would consider that as an option, but because I think it moves the city forward,” said Warren.

The city already has one location that allows for alcohol sales: The Alpine Country Club located near Highland Highway and 4800 West. Highland City said that the exception is due to the country club being established before the city existed.

“[The current] laws are not applicable to them so long as they continue to operate as they did before the City was founded,” explained Highland City on social media.

The Highland City Council met last week at Mountain Ridge Junior High to discuss the change, however, no decision has been finalized. A final discussion is expected to be held in January.

In the meantime, residents will be seeing paper surveys hit their mailboxes beginning today. The deadline to fill out the survey and return it is Wednesday, Oct. 18. If a resident needs an envelope to return the survey, Highland City said they can use the envelope that comes with the utility bill.

For those who prefer to take the survey electronically online, Highland City officials provided instructions on how will be included along with the physical survey.