HERRIMAN, Utah (ABC4) — Residents in Herriman may have noticed their drinking water becoming cloudier than usual, raising concerns about whether or not it is safe to drink.

Herriman City said the water is indeed safe to drink, and it is simply caused by air bubbles in the system, also known as entrained air. After pouring a glass of water, the “milky” look will clear up as the air bubbles rise.

“Entrained air happens from time to time, especially as seasons change,” Herriman City officials explained. “We’ve identified the source of the air in one of our wells and have made an adjustment to solve it.”

According to the New York Rural Water Association (NYRWA), when cool groundwater is pumped from a well, the water temperature warms and releases air. It happens more often as the temperature warms up into the summer months because the water releases more air than cold water.

NYRWA said it is even more common in systems where water is pumped directly into the distribution system. The dissolved air will have nowhere to vent, and the collection of bubbles begins creating pockets of air in the system. NYRWA said some of that air will naturally be released when it reached the storage tank, but some of the air could still make its way to a faucet or fixtures.

As far as Herriman’s water, city officials said it will probably take a few days for the air to fully dissipate from the city’s water system. Residents will likely continue to see that milky color in their drinking water or even a pulsating stream out of shower heads.

“But rest assured that the water is safe,” said Herriman City.