HEBER CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Heber City Police Chief Dave Booth announced his retirement on Tuesday, Sept. 26, after serving as chief for over a decade.

Heber City Police said the city has seen a 58% growth in population since Booth took over as Police Chief, yet the department says the city has seen a reduction in violent and property crimes.

Heber City announced Parker Sever, who has served as the Chief of Police in Hanford, California, will take over as the new Chief in Utah. Until Sever arrives in Heber City, Deputy Chief Jeremy Nelson will function as the interim Chief.

“I have felt fortunate to lead an agency so committed to safety, integrity, equity and a sense of security for all of the people we serve in Heber City,” said Booth. “Nothing has made me more proud than being a part of this organization and I know we have set a path for continued great success.”

Booth was praised by the department for his reformation of Heber City Police Department, including creating more openness and transparency. He also created several youth programs such as Peer Court, raised autism awareness and provided local businesses with training for crime prevention and emergency management.

“Chief Booth’s example and dedication to the public, the rule of law and protecting all of us can never be repaid,” said Heber City Mayor Heidi Franco. “Our Chief does not show off his bravery and compassion, but I’ve seen that it is real and amazing. For the last nine years that we’ve served together, I’ve never doubted his commitment and the determined focus he’s shown.”

Over his career, Booth worked to enforce drug laws during a methamphetamine epidemic and was assigned to the Park City Main Street venue during the 2002 Winter Olympics. He led local schools in implementing new safety measures following the Sandy Hook shooting and assisted the Salt Lake City Police with riot control in 2020.

Franco said all Heber City citizens “owe incredible thanks” to Booth for safety and peace in the city. Franco also announced she would be renaming the city’s Public Safety Building as the “David D. Booth Public Safety Building” in Booth’s honor.