MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah (ABC4) – A roof collapsed at a Mountain Green home on Thursday night due to snow accumulation.

Mountain Green Fire Protection District said the home was located on Sierra Drive in the Highlands subdivision. The garage roof completely collapsed due to the weight of the heavy snow built up on top. The rest of the home was damaged in the collapse.

A resident living inside the home was reportedly able to safely escape from the undamaged part of the home.

Mountain Green Fire said the garage roof collapse also cut a natural gas line. Fire crews were forced to use snowshoes to assess the damage, control the gas leak, and shut off electricity to the home. Fire crews said the home is currently inhabitable.

This is the second roof collapse to happen in the area in March due to snow. A home across the street also had its roof collapse due to snow accumulation on March 11. That home suffered major structural damage throughout, according to Mountain Green Fire officials.

The family inside that home was also able to escape safely and make arrangements to stay with a friend in the meantime.