DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — The Freedom from Religion Foundation said that Davis County School District rescinding its Bible ban is “hypocritical,” and called for a re-evaluation.

According to the FFRF, after reinstating the Bible, the district is acting hypocritically because they are keeping many book bans in place for books that contain less vulgarity and sexual content than the Bible.

“The district in Farmington, Utah, can’t use one set of criteria to evaluate the sex, violence, and vulgarity in the Bible and another set to examine other books,” the FFRF said in a press release.

The FFRF said that either the Bible must be banned under the same standard applied to other books, or those books should be restored to school libraries. They said that the reinstatement of the Bible proves that the issue with the removed books is the viewpoint they express and not the sexual language or graphic descriptions.

“The district has now decided that the Bible should receive special treatment and remain in all district schools while many books with less sexual and violent content remain banned,” FFRF Attorney Chris Line said.

When the district rescinded the Bible ban, they stated that the Bible has “significant serious value for minors which outweighs the violent or vulgar content it contains.”

However, the FFRF claims that Davis County is failing to apply this same standard to other books deemed inappropriate.

“This privileges Christianity and the Christian viewpoint,” the FFRF stated in the press release.

Initially, a review committee voted in agreement that the Bible was not age-appropriate for elementary to middle school-aged children. However, following an outcry from the community, Davis County decided to reverse the committee’s decision.

At least 37 books have been removed from Davis School District libraries, the district reported in a press release. This includes 14 restricted to certain ages, and several others still under review.