DRAPER, Utah (ABC4) — A former lieutenant with the Draper City Police Department was found not guilty of multiple charges of forcible sexual abuse.

Chad Carpenter was declared not guilty by a group of jurors Wednesday, August 2, in the Third District Courthouse. This legally cleared him of a co-worker’s 2019 allegations of Carpenter groping her.

According to court documents, Carpenter was charged with two counts of forcible sexual abuse in April 2019.

According to his co-worker, on January 31, 2019, Carpenter had a conversation with her about her breast reduction surgery. While talking to her, Carpenter grabbed her inappropriately, she claimed in the charging documents.

During the trial, the victim claimed Carpenter was involved in a prior incident involving a female subordinate officer. According to the victim, Carpenter groped her and made inappropriate comments toward her concerning her breast size. In the allegation, the victim claims that in 2012 while Carpenter was placing a SWAT pin on the female’s uniform, he reach into her shirt and groped her.

However, in response, Carpenter said there were major problems with her claim, including the fact that while he did reach into her shirt to put the pin on, he did not grope her, and the victim in question never reported that she was groped. He did admit that the victim’s complaint involved “mostly some nasty comments.” But that, “while these alleged comments would be inappropriate if they occurred, they are altogether different than making ‘unwanted sexual advances.'”

During the trial, it was also alleged that Carpenter made comments about another woman’s breasts following a recent breast augmentation surgery in a 2005 incident. According to Carpenter, these allegations came from her boyfriend at the time who was an officer. The complaint of Carpenter came approximately 7 years after the incident in 2012 when the boyfriend was resigning after an internal affairs investigation was started concerning his patrol car.

In the end, the jury declared that Carpenter was not guilty of two counts of forcible sexual abuse.