SOUTH SUMMIT, Utah (ABC4) — Firefighters from South Summit Fire rescued a family cat while extinguishing a challenging house fire on Mar. 4.

South Summit Fire was called to a house fire around 9 a.m. and arrived to find flames coming from the roof of the home. The house was located on a narrow and icy road on a hill with a fire hydrant covered in snow and ice.

Despite the difficult conditions, firefighters were able to contain the fire to the room it originated in. However, part of the roof was burned and there was heavy smoke damage throughout the house, according to officials.

Firefighters searched the home and found the family’s cat hiding in a closet.

“Although the cat was not too sure about going with the firefighter at first we were able to convince her that was the best thing to do,” South Summit Fire wrote in a social media post.

Officials say there were no injuries and the family was happy to be reunited with their pet.