MURRAY, Utah (ABC4) — A local playhouse, the Desert Star Playhouse, will be closed for at least two weeks following a fire in an apartment above the theater.

“The show will go on,” they said in a Facebook post.

Over the weekend, a fire occurred in an apartment directly above the theater, and due to Desert Star owner, Mike Todd, and his vigilance in keeping the fire alarms and sprinkler systems maintained, a victim of the fire was saved. Authorities also say the majority of the damage was from the sprinkler system.

The fire on March 31 was put out by crews with the Murray Fire Department. According to the Murray City Fire Chief, Joseph Mittelman, the crews could walk directly to the unit where the fire was reported.

Mittelman said when they entered the unit, the sprinkler was going off, and a person was in there. The crew began treatment of the victim as they awaited paramedics. When the paramedics arrived, they transported the victim to the hospital to treat him for smoke inhalation and minor injuries.

“The one thing we’re so appreciative of is a business owner, such as the Desert Star [owner], that is safety oriented. They had an alarm system, that was […] maintained, and also this fire sprinkler system has been maintained as well,” Mittelman said. “In this case, [the system] protected, and also saved this individual’s life.”

The apartment received both fire and water damage, and The Desert Star received flooding and water damage. According to Mittelman, fire sprinklers put out 7 gallons per minute.

The Desert Star said that due to the water damage, they are planning to re-open in two weeks, if not sooner. They said they’re currently in the process of cleaning up and readying the theater for future laughs.

“We didn’t start the fire,” Desert Star quipped. “But we’ll keep the place lit with our laughs.”

The Desert Star said that you can plan ahead for the re-opening, and purchase tickets for upcoming events on their website.