PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — Several people allegedly assaulted and stole from a Provo woman, which drove her father to allegedly attempt murder.

Michael Marshall, 47, was arrested for attempted murder on Saturday after he intentionally hit one man with his truck. According to arrest records, Marshall was attempting to run over two males involved in allegedly assaulting and stealing from his daughter.

On Saturday, May 20, Salvador Morales, 27, went with his friends David Mounga, 33, Chandalynn Berriel, 19, and at least two others, to Marshall’s daughter’s apartment located in a Provo motel to “retrieve property” she allegedly stole.

The group arrived at her apartment, and as soon as Marshall’s daughter opened the door, they allegedly unlawfully entered her apartment and assaulted her. They also allegedly stole items from her room.

Marshall witnessed the group enter his daughter’s apartment and allegedly attempted to intervene in the assault, but according to Marshall, several of the males in the group threatened to kill him if he did not leave, the arrest record states.

According to witnesses, Marshall later drove up in a van and attempted to run over Mounga and Morales, and hit Morales with his car. Marshall admitted that his intent was to hit the victim and hoped he would not “come back.”

Morales, Mounga, and Berriel were arrested on charges of assault, burglary, and theft. Mounga was also arrested for possession of methamphetamine after he was booked into the Utah County Jail. They will remain there awaiting charges and the possibility of bail.

Marshall was also arrested on attempted murder charges.

Police have not identified the additional two females that were allegedly involved in the incident.