UPDATE 5/6/22, 7 p.m.: This article has been edited to reflect the most recent information available, including the update that the case is no longer believed to be connected to human trafficking.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — The family of a girl who’s been missing in Utah for almost 2 years has increased the reward to $30,000 for information leading to her return.

Kandis “Brooklyn” Harris, now 18 years old, went missing in July of 2021 after running away from the Odyssey House in Salt Lake City where she was receiving treatment.

Kandis Harris, also known as Brooklyn, has been missing for nearly two years. This flyer was made prior to the increase in reward money. The family is now offering $30,000.

The reward for information leading to Harris’ whereabouts increased by $10,000 to a total of $30,000, according to her aunt Breann Sager’s social media.

Sagers said anyone providing information leading to her niece’s whereabouts would not need to stand on a jury trial or participate in any other way, saying they could take the money and “just run.”

She said the case is now classified as an active cold case with the Salt Lake Police Department Homicide Department, meaning tips are still coming in, however, the case does not have priority in the department.

While she was previously believed to be a victim of human trafficking with multiple human trafficking advocacy groups involved in the search, that is no longer the case.

Details on the changes in the investigation are not known, however, Sagers said law enforcement already has an idea of what happened to her.

Harris’ grandmother and legal guardian Diane Carpenter spoke with ABC4 about the family’s experience over the last 22 months.

“It’s a horrible thing to go through. Imagine not knowing where your child is, imagine not knowing are they being tortured, are they okay?” Carpenter said.

Carpenter said they have not heard from her over the years leading them to “believe that something terrible has happened to her.” Despite the fears, the family is searching for answers.

“If you know that the person’s passed, you can learn to get on with it. But not knowing if Kandis is alive out there somewhere, she’s laying up in the mountain somewhere, I can’t explain the feeling that you have,” Carpenter said.

The family has continued increasing the reward believing that “there is a magic number” that will be enough to convince someone to come forward with information.

Carpenter said she wishes she could make the reward much greater, but realistically it is not possible for her family.

“You can’t put a value on a child’s life, I would give $1 million if I could find Kandis right now and bring her home,” Carpenter said.

When she was last seen in Salt Lake City, Harris was 5 feet 2 inches and 125 pounds with dyed dark hair. She is a natural blonde, according to her family’s social media.

Anyone with information can call the following numbers:
Salt Lake City Police: 801-799-3000
We Help the Missing Tip Line: 866-660-4025

To remain anonymous, the family says to call Jason Jensen: (801) 759-2248