EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated to reflect the relationship between the suspect and victim.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — The woman accused of shooting and killing professional bull rider Demetrius Allen, otherwise known as “Ouncie Mitchell,” while in town for the Utah State Fair has been charged in the Salt Lake County Third District Court.

Lashawn Denise Bagley, 22, has been charged with one first-degree felony count of murder and nine third-degree felony counts of felony discharge of a firearm.

Police say Bagley shot Allen while he was outside of her apartment near 900 South and 200 West in Salt Lake City. Allen was reportedly trying to pick up about $10,000 worth of rodeo equipment he had left in her apartment and her car. As he was knocking on her balcony door, that’s when police say shots were fired.

“The love he gave everyone is irreplaceable,” Demetrius’ mom LaQuita Allen states.

On a 911 call before the shooting, Bagley reportedly told the operator, “They’re beating on my window.” The 911 operator then reportedly heard loud noises and asked Bagley what the noise was, to which she allegedly responded “I’m shooting.”

Police say they found seven bullet casings inside Bagley’s apartment and three casings outside. One bullet reportedly hit the door jamb, three shots struck the lower left of the door, one went through a table leg and split apart, two rounds went through the glass door, and three rounds were allegedly fired through the blinds and windows.

Allen was reportedly staying with Bagley while he was in town to compete in the Utah State Fair.

On the night of the shooting, Allen and Bagley, as well as another woman, allegedly met up at the State Fair before the three went to a club near downtown Salt Lake City. According to a police affidavit, Allen began showing interest in the other woman.

Police say when Bagley saw Allen and the woman getting closer together, she “freaked out” and “stormed off” to the parking garage. Allen allegedly followed Bagley to the parking garage to let her know he would collect his things and leave when police say she drove off, nearly hitting Allen with the car.

Allen and the woman ordered a ride share to take them to Bagley’s apartment, where they tried to get in contact with her by texting, calling, and knocking on her door, but to no avail. That’s when the woman reportedly saw Bagley peek out of her blinds and Allen approached the balcony door.

Police say after the shooting, the woman Allen was with called 911 and told the operator that Allen had gone to grab his stuff and that shots were fired, leaving Allen on the ground.

“She shot him. She shot him. She opened the door and she shot him,” the woman allegedly told the operator.

When police arrived, they were able to reportedly take Bagley safely into custody. After being taken in, Bagley reportedly made several statements asking if Allen was okay and if she would be able to use her gun after the incident. She also reportedly said, “After I saw my ex with another female, I went home and put his items next to the door so he could get them from my apartment.”

Police say Bagley’s speech was slurred, and they could smell alcohol on her breath. A blood test reportedly showed she had a BAC of .08.

Bagley reportedly fled the state to Texas after being released from jail, where she was eventually arrested in Houston.

“I will take this small victory for now but it’s never gonna be enough. It will never be like, ‘Yay we got it!'” Demetrius’ cousin Monicia Hale states. “To have it would be to still have him and we don’t.”

Monicia tells ABC4 that she wants the justice system to seek the maximum sentence for the woman who allegedly killed her cousin.

LaQuita speaks on how much everyone is affected by the tragedy: “I have to deal with my granddaughter and her mother has to deal with her asking where is her dad, when is he coming back, and how long is he going to be in heaven?”

Here is a link to the Facebook page for “An Ounce of Hope Foundation,” started in memory and honor of Demetrius.