DRAPER, Utah (ABC4) – Edge Homes, the company that originally built the two homes that slid down a hill on Saturday, will be demolishing the remaining portion of the house that partially collapsed.

The home, located at 2477 Springtime Road, has some of its structure still standing on the cliffside. Edge Homes will be demolishing the rest of the home on Wednesday morning. Draper City officials said the demolition is necessary to improve safety and to allow crews to assess the area and begin remediation efforts.

During the demolition, Springtime Road will be closed to both vehicles and pedestrians, except for local traffic. Police will be in the area to control traffic. Draper City officials emphasized that bystanders should avoid the area for their own safety. The public should not attempt to access closed trails or enter the fenced-off “no trespassing” area.

On Monday, Edge Homes said the cliffside slide of the two homes was “shocking.”

“As a company, we have never experienced such devastating events with our homes,” the company said in a statement. “More than anything else, we are incredibly grateful that no one was injured.”

Draper City Council had forced the residents out of their homes last November due to “earth shifting,” saying the homes were “unfit for human habitation and occupancy due to dangerous conditions.” At the time, Edge Homes defended the homes and called the evacuations unnecessary. Edge Homes said it had reversed its stance in December, agreeing that evacuation was the right decision.

After Saturday’s slide-off, the neighboring homes on either side of the collapsed houses have been evacuated as well.

Edge Homes said in its statement on Monday it would be in contact with homeowners and is paying them for relocation, storage, and temporary housing expenses.

“We will fairly compensate them for the disruption and inconvenience they are experiencing,” said Edge Homes. “Regardless of who is at fault, it is our company policy to stand by our homeowners and not leave them stranded.”

Draper City has said a team of engineers, building and public works staff, and fire and police has been put together to evaluate risks to safety and public infrastructure. The City will continue to provide updates until the situation in the area is “stable.”