EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah (ABC4) — Eagle Mountain residents are claiming that they feel sick from drinking their tap water after the city reportedly changed the source of the water.

The city addressed residents’ concerns on social media Sunday, saying, “Eagle Mountain City has been made aware of resident concerns around recent changes in the taste and odor of the community’s tap water. Please be aware that the change in taste is due to another water well source coming online in recent days. This source was brought online due to maintenance on the well that was previously being used.”

The city continued to assure residents that their tap water is safe to drink, and that the water has undergone tests requested by residents and come back “within regulated parameters,” the city states.

However, residents continue to express their discontentment. One resident writes on social media, “Okay I knew I wasn’t going crazy. I told my roommate about it a week ago. It tastes so NASTY now. I won’t drink the tap water unless I put some kind of flavoring in it. Might go to bottled water at this point. I don’t trust that it’s actually safe. Tastes really off.”

Another resident writes, “I drank the water and was sick afterwards and could barely drink it I continued to feel sicker through the rest of my evening that is not normal for water to taste horrible to the point of throwing up and getting sick from it.”

Residents seem to be wholly displeased with the recent source changes, though the city does say the “flavor profile” will change again throughout the year. “The previous well was taken offline for maintenance,” representatives say.

When it comes to the actual test results, one resident says their water tested at 834 TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids, in Brandon Park. TDS represents the total concentration of dissolved substances in water, according to the Safe Drinking Water Foundation.

City representatives responded to this claim by saying, “We acknowledge TDS from well 5 was reported in the low 800s. We would like to add that this is still within the parameters for safe consumption.”

However, one resident even claims that their dog is concerned: “If my dog isn’t gonna drink it I’m not gonna drink it. And so far my dogs stayed clear of it.”

The city assures its residents that well sources are changed fairly regularly, and that changes are “considered a normal part of utility operations.”

If residents have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding the city’s tap water quality, they may contact the city’s water department.