PARLEY’S CANYON, Utah (ABC4) — Snow hit overnight across the Wasatch Front Thursday night, causing concern for Friday’s morning commute. One of the key places drivers needed to be aware of the snow this morning was up the canyons; but despite the slick, snowy morning, people headed up Parley’s Canyon told ABC4 News that they found the drive easy to handle.  

“[The drive was] pretty chill,” one driver said.  

“Not a problem. Got my 4-wheel drive and my snow tires on,” said Liz Close, who drove down Parley’s this morning.

“The roads are really slick, but I feel good about driving up there today,” said Regina Lucero, who planned to head up Parley’s Canyon.

Getting those drivers ready early may have played a helpful role. Chains or 4-wheel drive were required for everyone headed up Parley’s, and both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Police and road crews were working to make sure their tires could handle the conditions.

Close said having a four-wheel drive and snow tires have helped her “tremendously.”  

“There’s no way I would go without them here,” Close said.

Another big help were the plows pushing snow through each of the canyons early and often.

Standing here on the side of the freeway, one can tell how much snow has accumulated overnight. Fortunately, the snow isn’t on the roads as the plows have been through here a number of times to make sure they are clear and reduce the number of crashes.

“I think [snow plows] are great, can’t live without them,” Close said.  

“Honestly, if the plows haven’t gone through, it’s kind of hard to get out without a 4-wheel drive,” said Connor Tine, who is driving up the canyon.

“As I was coming up to get gas, there was a car that spun out in front of me, and there was a car that spun out behind me,” Lucero said.  

With the plows clearing the way and cars and big rigs chained up for the canyon drive, the commute stayed mostly smooth until the storm was done.