DAYBREAK, Utah (ABC4) — Daybreak has exceeded its 2022/2023 budget for snow-pushing due to record snowfall this year, according to the Daybreak Community Association.

“As wise stewards of the Association’s funds, we are conducting snow pushing only in the most critical areas that provide direct access to homes,” said Daybreak officials.

The Association also stated that snow is likely to melt in less critical areas like parks and other common areas, so residents are advised to avoid those areas for the next few days.

The Winter Storm Warning for the Wasatch Front will remain in effect until 6 p.m. Tuesday. Total snow accumulations, including what we have already seen, will likely land between four to 12 inches for most valleys, eight to 14″ for most benches and one to two feet for the Wasatch Back.

“Please be patient with our crews and be sure to use extra caution if you travel out and about over the next few days,” officials said. “We recommend following the weather service advisory and avoiding traveling during heavy snowfall.”

Contractors will only be dispatched for snow pushing if the snow accumulation is two inches or more. South Jordan City is responsible for plowing all public streets, lanes and alleyways within Daybreak. Residents can check this South Jordan map to see the snow-plowing routes.

Drivers are asked to park on the even number side of the street during snow events. The parking restrictions will not apply only in the following circumstances:

  • Where “no parking” signs are posted on the allowable side (even building numbers), cars will be allowed to park on the opposite side of the road, unless no parking signs are located on both sides of the road.
  • Where a public road is divided by a landscaped median with one-way travel in each direction.
  • Vehicles may park for not more than five (5) minutes on the restricted side of the road when loading or unloading passengers.
  • Vehicles may park for not more than thirty (30) minutes when loading on the restricted side of the road when unloading or delivering property or supplies.
  • Medical, fire, police, city maintenance, or other emergency vehicles during emergency response shall not be limited by parking restrictions.
  • A person may apply to the city for authorization for all-night parking on the restricted side when the same is required by emergency or other unusual circumstances. The chief of police shall be the sole judge as to the necessity and requirement for the authorized all-night parking.

Daybreak residents can reach out to to report any snow-related damage in the area.