SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — A Salt Lake City Police officer is accused of hitting a man with his vehicle while under the influence. 

Thomas Edward Caygle faces two charges including DUI and negligently operating a vehicle resulting in injury. The victim, who goes by the name Theodore Donny, said his dashcam recorded the whole incident. 

The dashcam shows Donny’s vehicle getting rear-ended followed by the two vehicles pulling over. Donny said Caygle told him he was a police officer. Within a matter of minutes things escalated. 

“He was like telling my girlfriend to stop talking,” said Donny. 

Donny said he could never have predicted what happened next. When he tried to open his trunk, he said Caygle hit him with the vehicle. 

“I think he saw it as an opportunity to kind of take me out,” said Donny. 

For several seconds Donny was pinned. Donny said Caygle just sat there. 

“He had 35 seconds to think about what he had did, and back the vehicle up. He could have backed up at any moment and he chose not to,” said Donny. 

Donny said his girlfriend eventually ran into their vehicle and moved the car forward. 

The Salt Lake City Police Department confirmed an officer with the department is under investigation and currently on administrative leave. 

SLCPD Chief Mike Brown released the following statement:

“Our community expects the very best of its police officers at all times, including when off-duty and on personal time. We strive to exceed those expectations every day. In reviewing the information and materials I’ve received so far, I am concerned and disappointed by this incident, which does not align with our core values and expectations. Following the conclusion of our internal investigation, any violation of department policy will result in prompt and full accountability,” Brown said.