TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — Firefighters with Unified Fire in Taylorsville and Kearns had to get a little creative with a rescue on Wednesday after a man was lifted into the back of a commercial garbage truck.

Unified Fire said their crews responded to the incident on Wednesday afternoon, near a Sherwin-Williams Paint Store located at 5640 South Redwood Road. Personnel did not say how the man ended up being lifted into the back of the garbage truck, but they had to be creative in getting him out.

Crews created an “innovative rope rescue system” using a fire engine’s aerial ladder and a stokes basket – a stretcher commonly used in evacuations. Meanwhile, firefighters on the ground used a conventional ladder to climb into the garbage hold of the truck.

Using the ladder as a high point, the basket was lowered into the back of the garbage truck. Firefighters in the truck with the man moved him onto the stretcher, stabilized him, secured his spine, and helped lift him out of the garbage truck.

“It’s unexpected situations like these we train for and use our creativity to produce the best outcome for the communities we serve,” said Unified Fire.

Unified Fire did not disclose what injuries the man suffered, if any.