COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC4) — Officials in Cottonwood Heights say they are working to improve pedestrian safety along a stretch of road where two people were struck by cars this week in separate incidents just days apart.

On Monday, a suspected impaired driver struck a 12-year-old boy in a crosswalk on Fort Union Boulevard, leaving the child with critical injuries. Three days later, another pedestrian was struck and killed in the same area, which is near Bella Vista Elementary School.

In a statement Friday, Mayor Mike Weichers said that he and the city council are working with UDOT to fast-track the installment of pedestrian crossing lights on Fort Union Boulevard. He added that the council will also evaluate and discuss speed limits on Fort Union Boulevard.

“City council, staff and myself have been devastated by these incidents, and our thoughts and prayers are with the individuals involved and their families,” the mayor said.

Earlier this week, ABC4 spoke with people who live and work near Fort Union Boulevard. One woman, Ashley Blair, said she’s been asking city officials for years for additional crossing improvements along the four-lane road.

“There’s been no movement on any kind of crossing assistance here,” she said on Monday. “Flashing light, anything.”

The two pedestrian crashes in Cottonwood Heights were among six that happened across Utah in the last week. The crashes left three people dead, including a 17-year-old high school senior in Orem.

Utah safety officials have warned of a spike in pedestrian crashes. Jason Mettmann, a spokesperson for the Utah Highway Safety Office, called the trend “alarming.”