SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — This morning, thousands of Utahns gathered for one of Utah’s most colorful parades. It’s the Utah Pride Center’s 33rd annual Pride Parade. 

“It’s better than last year,” said Zoe Heiner, a member of the Westminster College’s float. “Everyone has really shown out this year and just gone crazy.”

The Pride Center says there were over 100 floats in the parade, from community clubs like the Queer Utah Aquatic Club (QUAC), to businesses like Delta Airlines. 

Pride-goers say seeing these different organizations come together to celebrate is “impressive.” 

“I think Pride parades are still really important,” said Nate Freeman, a QUAC team member. “It’s a really good time for people to understand different ways they can get involved.”

Supporters filled the parade with bright outfits and extravagant outfits. They say it’s a place where everyone can feel safe.

“I feel incredibly grateful to be able to celebrate my sexuality and other sexualities in a safe and open environment,” Heiner said. “I just couldn’t be more blessed to be here today.” 

For more ways to celebrate Pride Month, check out the Utah Pride Center’s website