HEBER CITY, Utah (ABC4) — A Heber family who has lived in the area for generations stepped into their new home on Thursday — thanks to their community — after their original home burned down in a fire.

Lance Larson and his family found themselves in a tough situation after their multi-generational home was destroyed in a fire last year. He said they knew they were “probably a little bit underinsured” but found out after the fire that they were “quite a bit underinsured.”

While they were fortunate that no one was injured in the fire, it was essentially impossible for the family to rebuild their home.

Then Joe Witt, a Heber native and owner of a construction company, heard about the incident. He decided to help.

“I grew up probably about a mile and a half south of here, so this is my city, this is my town, these are my people,” Witt said.

Exactly one year ago, Witt began working on building them a new home, but he wasn’t the only one who pitched in. Over 100 different people from various businesses donated time and supplies to help build the home.

On Thursday, the Larsons celebrated the completion of their new house, thanks to widespread support throughout the community.

“We’re very humble and grateful,” Lance Larson said. “There is a lot of humanity, especially I think in Utah in general, but this community is just awesome.”