TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — The traffic of 4700 South between Redwood Road and 2700 West has long been a nightmare for commuters in Taylorsville, especially when near the often-used I-215 interchange. City administrators on Friday released their solutions that aim to alleviate those traffic concerns and help the flow of traffic.

In a media release, Taylorsville administrators said one of the biggest obstacles has been the traffic signal located on 2600 West, otherwise known as Chentelle Drive. The light has “created congestion and safety issues,” but according to city planners, it was necessary to provide access to 4700 South with a protected left-hand turn out of the neighborhood.

The city’s new plan for the area would allow for that light to be removed, while still giving commuters in the neighborhood easy access to 4700 South, according to Taylorsville.

The first change the city plans on making is placing a raised median along 4700 South between the east- and westbound lanes from 2700 West and I-215. The median would allow for the removal of the traffic signal off Chentelle Drive but would also block the adjacent neighborhood from easy access to westbound 4700 South.

A solution for the new problem was found by opening up the cul-de-sac on Sable Circle, connecting a through road to 2700 West. Finally, stop signs will be installed at Sable Circle and 2700 West while a roundabout will be placed at the Sable Circle and Chentelle Drive intersection.

“It’s an innovative plan that is expected to improve traffic flow on 4700 South between Redwood Road and 2700 West and help alleviate some of the past traffic issues, while also mitigating anticipated congestion due to recent and future construction in the area,” said Taylorsville in its release.

City administrators said the plan is the culmination of many months of contemplating and studying solutions by planning officials and engineers. Various options have reportedly been analyzed over the years prior to planners moving forward with the solution announced.

Officials hope the changes will alleviate traffic issues in the area with the added bonus of planning for future projects such as the coming Midvale Connector Bus Rapid Transit.

Anyone with questions regarding the project is invited to call Taylorsville city administrators at 801-963-5400.