SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Homeless cats and dogs at Salt Lake County Animal Services feasted on their own version of a turkey dinner on Wednesday.

On the day before Thanksgiving, volunteers with the Animal Services brought in pet-friendly meals for the 84 dogs and 75 cats that are currently being sheltered. Food included broths, pumpkin, potatoes, gravy, cat-grass and treats that the animals wouldn’t usually get to enjoy.

All meals were provided and prepped by volunteers and were veterinarian approved. None of the ingredients included dairy, onions, garlic, or anything that would be dangerous for the animals to eat.

According to Animal Services, the traditional “turkey dinner” has become an annual tradition that is highly anticipated by staff and volunteers.

“It feels awesome, especially when they start eating it immediately,” said Allie Blackham, a volunteer with Animal Services. “I love to see how much they love it and how excited they are. It’s really fun too when you see the cats smelling it in other cages and kind of perk up, looking for it and wanting to eat it too. It’s awesome.”

Animal Services Crew Coordinator Kiera Packer said she enjoys seeing the eyes light up in the dogs as they get surprised with the food that they normally wouldn’t get to eat.

“It’s the most fantastic tradition that we have,” said Packer. “It’s really fun that these volunteers come out so early in the morning and just do a prep line and get out there to give these animals some sort of resemblance of a home.”

Animal Services said it is “fully stocked and has no supply chain shortage of dogs in the building.”