MILLCREEK, Utah (ABC4) — A man and his brother were charged in connection with the murder of their cousin’s girlfriend in Millcreek.

London Giovanni Davis, 34, was charged Friday with one count of obstruction of justice, and Royce Bernard Davis, 36, was charged Thursday with two counts of obstruction of justice. This is in connection to the death of Shandon Nicole Scott, 32, who was allegedly murdered by their cousin Terence Vos, 31.

On May 1, 2021, Scott was found dead with gunshot wounds in an abandoned vehicle on I-80 near State Street and 2400 South. Vos allegedly shot Scott at a residence in Nible View Court in Salt Lake County, and then drove with her on I-80, crashed the car, and ran away. Investigators have charged Terence Vos with aggravated murder.

Vos’s cousins have also been charged in connection with the murder. They both claimed false information about what they knew about the murder but were exposed when police discovered a voice recording with evidence that they were lying about their knowledge of the murder.

According to charging documents, Royce Davis lived at the Nibley View Court residence where Vos allegedly shot Scott outside, but when questioned, Royce Davis claimed he didn’t hear anything, didn’t see Vos or his brother London, who also lived there, and went to bed early that night. A neighbor who heard the gunfire, and went outside claimed differently.

The witness said they saw Royce Davis approach the vehicle that Vos and Scott were in when the shooting occurred. Royce Davis remained adamant that he did not go out to the car and said it might have been his brother London Davis.

Vos told detectives that he couldn’t remember which of his cousins came out to the car that night. When detectives went through Vos’s phone, it had been factory reset and only showed two phone calls that night at 4:45 and 5:08 p.m. Royce claimed he was asleep and couldn’t explain the phone calls.

When detectives interviewed London Davis, he also claimed he didn’t talk to Vos that night and didn’t know about the shooting. London Davis said Vos had texted him asking him to go out to clubs with him, but London said he got a bad feeling and told Vos to keep his gun concealed unless it was a life-or-death situation. London said he sent that message because he thought Vos “had a plan.”

London said that later that night he heard a man and woman arguing, as well as gunshots. He said he went to his brother Royce’s room, woke him up, and they both went to the door and saw their cousin Vos on the passenger side of a vehicle. London told police that Royce walked over to Vos, then came back and said Vos needed a ride to the hospital. London said he panicked and packed his things to leave. London said when he left the residence Vos and the car were gone, London said he tried calling Vos but he didn’t answer. The phone call lasted for almost 4 minutes, but London denied speaking to Vos and claimed the call went to voicemail without his knowledge.

However, after a thorough search through Vos’s cellphone, detectives located a recording, which appeared to be a voicemail message. The recording starts with several gunshots, and what sounded like London asking “Did you just shoot her?” A voice that sounded like Vos said, “Yeah she’s dead.” London told Vos he wouldn’t give him his mom’s car, and called out reportedly to Royce, and said “Bone just shot his [girl.]” London told Royce to give Vos his keys so he could leave, and London was again heard saying, “T-Bone just shot [Scott.]”

After being confronted with the new evidence, Royce admitted he heard gunshots and went outside. He also said Vos asked him to take Scott to the hospital, didn’t know what was happening, and went inside and locked the door. He claimed he didn’t remember London saying that “Bones” shot Scott. After hearing the recording again, Royce said Vos asked him to get her to the hospital, and he saw Scott in the car, but that it seemed like Vos was trying to take her to a hospital.

The charging records state that both defendants lied to detectives about being at the scene of a homicide, and tried to minimize their knowledge of what happened. They are currently being held at the Salt Lake County Jail.