SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Two viral British TikTokers are making their way across the U.S. This weekend, they stopped in Utah.

More than 300 fans reportedly lined up at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City on the morning of Sunday, July 30, to meet Tiktokers Jase Riley and Josh Cauldwell-Clark.

“I was super excited. I was kind of shaking a little bit just getting the chance to see them,” fan Cassy Estrada said.

She called the meet-and-greet “awesome,” saying this was the first they had done that she knew of.

Riley has 4.2 million followers on TikTok and Cauldwell-Clark has 1.6 million followers. The two reportedly met over TikTok and decided to make a joint account, @josh_and_jase_intheusa. They use that account to document their experiences traveling across the states in an RV.

Riley said that they are traveling across America to places that “maybe people in England don’t really know about that well.”

So far, they have stopped in Nevada and Arizona. This week, they came to Utah, stopping at Zion National Park before making their way through Salt Lake City.

As Riley and Cauldwell-Clark have made their way across Utah, they said they were not used to how young people get married here.

“I met some locals last night and they all were married at 20 which is new to me,” Riley said. “I’m not used to people getting married so young.”

Now the two are loading up their RV and hitting the road for their next stop, Wyoming. They say they plan to go to Yellowstone National Park