SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Starbucks locations in Bountiful and Salt Lake City joined the Starbucks Workers Union last week, marking the third and fourth locations in Utah to unionize.

The Bountiful Starbucks, located at 422 West 500 South, joined the union on Wednesday, June 14, with an 18-0 unanimous vote, and the Starbucks in Salt Lake City at 21st and State joined on Tuesday, June 13, with an 11-4 vote, according to SBWU’s Twitter account.

The Utah stores joined the SBWU during Pride Month and posted on Twitter, “Unionize with Pride.”

According to SBWU, across the United States, several Starbucks owners have allegedly refused to let workers put up pride decorations for Pride Month. This controversy has also been trending on TikTok.

Although Starbucks claims there has been no policy change, managers across the state have been taking away Pride decorations, an SBWU press release alleges. According to SBWU, this is part of Starbucks’ anti-union campaign. The SBWU is reportedly led mostly by LGBTQ+ employees, and “this is Starbucks’ latest attempt to silence them,” the press release stated.

While there have not been any reported issues at Starbucks in Utah surrounding Pride decor, they said they stand by workers in other states who have had this issue.

“We stand with those workers trying to display their pride,” the organizing committee representative at 21st South and State Street said.

This mirrors a larger movement from Utah Starbucks employees to unionize. Cottonwood Heights was the first store in Utah to unionize in June 2022. It was followed shortly by the Salt Lake Starbucks at 421 East 400 South.

The organizing committee representative at 21st and State Street said they are happy to join the union. “We are super proud to be a part to be joining this movement and the next steps and hope to inspire any other stores to consider unionizing to join the cause,” they stated.