KAYSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — One car rolled onto its roof after a three-car collision on I-15 in Kaysville on Tuesday morning, Oct. 24. Miraculously, there were no serious injuries and Kaysville Fire said it’s all thanks to seatbelts.

Kaysville Fire said they responded to the crash around 6:30 a.m. alongside Utah Highway Patrol. Details on the crash itself are limited, but first responders confirmed one car rolled and everyone involved refused medical attention. In fact, Kaysville Fire said the passengers of the rolled-over car were able to get themselves out of the car on their own before first responders arrived.

“In most rollover accidents seat belts are the difference between serious injuries and being OK,” wrote Kaysville Fire on social media. “If a passenger is wearing a seat belt during a rollover, it should hug them tight to their seat and the car then absorbs the energy of the accident.”

The Fire Department said the only time they see serious injuries in a rollover is when passengers in a rollover aren’t wearing their seatbelt. In those cases, people are “thrown around” in the car and run the risk of being thrown out.

Kaysville Fire confirmed the passengers in the rolled car were wearing their seatbelts and able to leave unharmed.

“To sum up my long ramble that you probably didn’t want to read, always wear a seat belt,” said Kaysville Fire.