SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — A rally in support of saving the Great Salt Lake took place around the State Capitol earlier today, Jan. 14, in an effort to persuade Utah lawmakers to increase measures.

The event was put on by Save our Great Salt Lake, an activist group of citizens, local businesses and artists that are committed to saving the shrinking lake.

Dozens of attendees warned that Utah’s environmental ecosystem could collapse if the lake were to disappear and held signs such as “No one wants to live in Dust Lake City” and “We are all upstream and downwind”.

The group hosted the rally in an effort to persuade Utah lawmakers to increase measures to protect the lake and the wildlife that depend on it. It is currently collecting signatures on its website to show the Utah State Legislature that protecting the lake is a priority for voters.

The Great Salt Lake has been of great concern to scientists, lawmakers and concerned citizens in recent years as it reaches its lowest levels in recorded history and leads to dangerous effects, according to reporting done by the Associated Press.

One of those effects includes a significant threat to Utah’s air quality as the lake contains toxins in the lakebed that are exposed as water decreases. This danger may appear sooner than residents expect as 150 square miles of the lakebed is exposed with every foot of water that is reduced.

In addition, the disappearing lake raises concerns about ecological consequences that are directly linked to billions of dollars in the economy. While the consequences will directly affect the ecosystem, they may also lead to economic consequences for Utahns.

If you would like to learn more about the group Save Our Great Salt Lake, click on this link here.

Reporting from the Associated Press contributed to this article.