SANDY, Utah (ABC4) — A litter of kittens was rescued from underneath a Sandy house recently, according to the Sandy City Fire Dept.

“Company 34A was recently dispatched to an animal rescue,” Sandy Fire officials stated.

The homeowner reportedly told authorities that she had been hearing kittens cry under her house for a few days. The responding crew did an in-depth search under her house and found four kittens.

Officials believe the kittens had been abandoned by their mother.

“The first two kittens were rescued within the first ten minutes and the other two kittens took about an hour to locate,” officials said.

The kittens were then placed in a soft kennel and turned over to the homeowner so she could take them to the rescue.

The homeowner was reportedly very grateful, believing that the kittens “probably wouldn’t have survived” for another night due to dehydration and starvation.

“Ironically, Paramedic Cade Grace, who did a lot of the searching, is extremely allergic, but the crew did not know that he was allergic until after the mission was complete!” the release states.

No further information is available at this time.