SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Many Utahns have been working from home for a full year. However, while some Utah businesses will continue working from home, others are beginning the transition back into office spaces.

Returning to the office after converting that small nook or spare room into a home workspace may not be all that desirable after a year’s time finding a rhythm in your new digs, but at least one business in Utah is thinking outside the box, or lunchbox as it were, as they welcome their people back.

Employees working for Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City are being offered up to $20 a day for food delivery if they return to the office.

Leslie Shribman with Goldman Sachs tells ABC4 they are “temporarily offering employees working in the Salt Lake City office with up to $20 per day that can be used towards meals delivered to the building.”

“This food offering is intended to provide our people who are coming to the office with an option to obtain meals without having to exit the building,” Shribman says. “This approach is part of our comprehensive strategy to help protect the health and safety of our employees during this time.”

While many employees remain working from home, Shribman says some employees have been working from the office and participating in this program. 

According to a study conducted by Filterby, out of all U.S. states, Utah ranks 8th on most prepared to work from home. 

The study looked at locations in the U.S. that are most prepared to work from home. In addition to having the hardware and internet access in order to work remotely, having a suitable home workspace.

According to the study, in Utah, 33.4% of all workers have remote-friendly jobs, which is above the national average of 30.7%. Additionally, 63.0% of Utah households have at least one spare bedroom that could be used for an at-home workspace.