OREM, Utah (ABC4) – An early morning fire destroyed a salon and day spa in Orem on Saturday, Nov. 19.

Fire crews say the incident was reported just before 6 a.m. Saturday morning by a driver passing by the Seasons Salon and Day Spa, located at 934 North State Street.

It is a gut-wrenching situation for owner, Autumn Spencer, and her team of around 45 employees.

She says the salon has been open since 2005, but after Saturday morning’s fire, she says it felt like a piece of her soul died.

“When I got to the light at 8th North, and saw all the fire trucks and smoke coming out of the roof, I lost it,” Spencer tells ABC4 News.

Orem Fire crews say the flames went through the roof and spread across the building. They say it appears the majority of damage was in the spa area.

At this time, officials say arson doesn’t appear to be a factor, but are continuing to investigate a cause. While no one was injured, the salon is a total loss.

Rachel Taylor, who’s worked there for four years, says it’s been a home for her. “A lot of people go home to their family’s beds and things, but this is my first home.”

Seasons Salon and Day Spa is much like a family. Spencer says in the midst of the chaos, she wants to make sure her employees are taken care of and even considered opening her own home garage to serve their list of clients. “I told my husband, ‘Let’s open our garage set up some tables and start there on Monday.'”

Speaking of family, Autumn’s niece, London Wendel, works as a receptionist at Seasons and stood with her aunt for the majority of the day on Saturday as they assessed the damage.
“When I found out, I felt the absolute horror of Autumn’s soul burning,” said Wendel.

However, Autumn Spencer says she’s grateful for the outpouring of support from the community, from showing up with hugs to GoFundMe pages started. 

She roughly estimates over $1 million in damages — that’s not including potential money lost from clients who were booked on Saturday.

At this point, it’s unclear what the future for the Seasons Salon and Day Spa holds, but she wants to find a way to keep going. “It’s going to take more than a fire to stop us. We have to keep going. Seasons is a home for a lot of people,” said Spencer.

Spencer says she’s aware of some supporters who have started GoFundMe campaigns to help during this traumatic time.