SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — An 84-year-old skydiver and member of the first U.S. Women’s Parachute Team has returned to the sport after a 37-year hiatus and plans to jump in Utah on her journey to 1,000 dives.

Kim Knor made her start in skydiving by forging her parents’ signatures to get permission to make her first jump. That was in 1959. Fast forward three years later to 1962, and she would make history by joining the first U.S. Women’s Parachute Team.

While Knor took a 37-year hiatus from jumping, in part to raise her children, her passion for the sport was clear.

In 2003, she took up skydiving once again, and with a purpose. Knor is on a journey to get her official Gold Wings, an honor among the sport bestowed to those who make 1,000 jumps. Knor said this was her goal when she first started jumping.

“My family, friends and even strangers have asked me, ‘Why?’ My answer is simple. To prove, regardless of age, you should embrace adventure and never give up on your dreams,” Knor stated on ‘startsat60.’ She continued, “I knew I wanted to skydive when I was five years old after my uncle brought home a military parachute from World War II.”

Knor began skydiving again after losing her husband in 1997. After his death, she moved to Denver to be closer to family and rekindled a friendship with someone she had known from competition. After 37 years, she took up the sport again at 64. “Overall, skydiving has given me a better perspective on life and aging,” Knor said. “I encourage others to keep their minds and bodies moving.”

Knor started her journey competing in local competitions throughout 1960 and was one of only two women to compete against the men at the 1961 Team Tryouts at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

“Some have said to me, ‘Aren’t you scared? What if you get hurt?’ I don’t worry about the ‘what ifs.’ What if I get in a car wreck tomorrow and die? You’re more likely to get into an accident driving to a skydiving drop zone than while skydiving,” Knor said.

Now, she’s traveling to different states to achieve the feat and will be coming to Nephi, Utah to jump at Skydive the Wasatch on Sunday, Sept. 17.

Remember folks, age is just a number, and while Knor is 84, she is proving that it’s never too late to live out your dreams.