LAYTON, Utah (ABC4) – The Layton Christian Academy has fired four of their administrators amid “financial malfeasance,” according to Rev. Myke Crowder, the school’s founder.

Crowder states in a press release, “Some months ago I received information about financial malfeasance related to Greg Miller, Karen Miller, Jared Miller, and Lexi Miller.”

The four members of the Miller family have been fired amid reported accusations of stealing tuition money, however, Crowder states, “In no way do I believe Jordan or Heidi Miller were involved in this plan and I have very high respect for Jordan and Heidi.”

In reference to the four members of the family who were fired, Crowder says, “I had no choice but to terminate,” and that they are in fact terminated from all employment and representation of “Christian Life Center Church or Layton Christian Academy, Eagle Elite Sports, or any other programs related to CLC or LCA.”

While legal proceedings are reportedly preventing the academy from releasing additional details on the matter, Crowder says they are “saddened and heartbroken that such drastic actions were necessary.”

No further information is available at this time.