AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC4) — Three teenagers were severely burned in a gasoline fire up American Fork Canyon on Saturday morning, according to the Utah Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Spencer Cannon says three teens two age 17 and one age 18, snuck away from home and headed up American Fork Canyon on May 20. They reportedly brought gasoline with them.

Cannon says they headed to Silver Lake Flat Reservoir above Tibble Fork Reservoir. The teens reportedly climbed to the top of the spillway and poured gasoline into the spillway.

The teens then lit the gasoline on fire, creating a “massive fire” that came back at them, Cannon says.

They all sustained serious burns and went back down the canyon before driving themselves to the hospital. Two of the three reportedly had to be taken to the U-Med Burn Center.

All had burns on the arms, hands, and face, while one also had burns on the legs, Cannon says.

No further information is available at this time.