SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — A 40-foot-long and 25,000-pound shipping container is Utah’s newest art installation, and according to officials, it’s the largest above-ground art installation in the state.

Titled “Trade Balance,” the orange shipping container sits upon a pole, engineered to balance at an angle. At its highest point, the art installation is 39 feet tall and only 13 feet at its lowest point.

Trade Balance is the anchor piece of a county-wide art piece of nine shipping containers. The other eight pieces, all titled “Conex”, of the shipping container installment, are hung on the exterior walls of Price Real Estate developments.

The anchor is located at 3775 West California Avenue in Salt Lake City, in the industrial northwest quadrant of the city.

“It really is a remarkable visualization of the northwest quadrant and its identity as a center of commerce, fulfillment, logistics, manufacturing, distribution, all of those things,” said Utah Governor Spencer Cox. “[This] blue-collared piece of our state that keeps our state running and is so important to the industry, our population and of course is so important to our economy.”

The art installation was funded for and implemented by the Price Company. Price Real Estate J. Steven Price said he had worked with Salt Lake City-based companies to create the installation.

Price believes that art is needed in public spaces in order to make a city livable and demonstrate the ultimate state of who and what we are as humanity.

“We think art is really important,” said Price. “It’s not a decoration it’s a destination. It’s the ultimate state of the reflection of economy and culture.”

Salt Lake City mayor Erin Mendenhall said the area isn’t a place where someone would expect art and that it may take time for people to come to the understanding that the art piece isn’t corporate advertising but that it is “for them.”

“What is happening here is special and this piece of art is absolutely the tip of the iceberg,” said Mendenhall.