SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – It may come as no surprise to Utahns but a recent study ranked two Utah suburbs among the safest suburbs to live in across the United States.

A new report from SmartAsset analyzed safety data for 370 suburbs of the 100 largest American cities, finding that Lehi and Layton finished in the Top 25. Specifically, Lehi ranked as the sixth safest suburb while Layton was ranked 25th.

Park City and Draper also made the cut on the list, ranking 65th and 97th, respectively.

For their study, analysts collected data on violent crime, property crime, vehicular mortality, drug poisoning mortality and the percentage of the population engaged in excessive drinking.

The crime data came from the FBI’s 2021 Uniform Crime Reporting Database, with some missing data being supplemented through NeighborhoodScout. Mortality data was pulled from the 2022 County Health Rankings.

Unsurprisingly, the Utah suburbs earned plenty of bonus points for the state’s low drinking rate. According to SmartAsset, only 6.74% of the Lehi population drink excessively which it says is the lowest by a “wide margin.” Layton and Draper also ranked among the suburbs with the least amount of drinkers. The only other state that rivaled Utah’s low drinking rate was Oklahoma.

The safest suburb in the United States? Great Falls, Va.

After Great Falls, three Indiana suburbs and one from Maryland rank in the top 5 before Lehi becomes the first Utah suburb at sixth.

The study also discovered Lehi and Layton rank among the most affordable of the Top 25 safest suburbs. Both suburbs ranked within the top 20. Lehi was named the 19th most affordable among the Top 25, while Layton ranked slightly higher at 18.

Overall Indianapolis suburbs ranked the best for both safety and affordability.

The full study can be found on SmartAsset’s website.