SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — An 11-year-old girl reported being raped several times after she discovered she was possibly pregnant, according to Salt Lake City police.

Police say the young victim was taken to a “healer” after she was not feeling well for several months. While there, she allegedly discovered she was possibly pregnant and said she had been raped, probable cause statements said.

During a forensic interview, she reportedly said a 45-year-old man had sexually assaulted her at least four times. She allegedly said she had not told anyone prior because he had threatened to kill her if she did.

The 45-year-old was arrested on May 29 and allegedly confessed to sexually assaulting the girl on multiple occasions. The probable cause lists the sexual assault charges as having allegedly occurred in December 2022.

The suspect faces 12 first-degree felonies of rape of a child and aggravated sexual abuse of a child. The name of the suspect has been withheld to protect the victim’s identity.