SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Two cameras were found on Wednesday, Nov. 30, taped under restroom sinks on different floors of the University of Utah Eccles Student Life Center. University Police have identified a suspect and arrested them.

A patron found a camera taped under a sink in the third-floor all-gender bathroom earlier today and brought it to the front desk, according to a statement released by Eccles Student Life Center Director John MacDonald.

Staff members proceeded to call the University Police, who searched restrooms throughout the building and discovered a second camera in an all-gender bathroom on the basement level. They also found tape that may have previously been used to attach a third camera under a sink in a second-floor all-gender restroom.

University Police is currently working to access the images and recordings on the two cameras.

“I know that this information is upsetting and disturbing,” MacDonald wrote. “Many of our patrons will feel victimized and violated by the perpetrator who installed these cameras in what are supposed to be private and safe areas of our recreation center. Please know that university leaders share your outrage and will do everything in our power to hold responsible the person who destroyed our sense of safety and community.”

MacDonald assured patrons that university staff will continue to check under sinks and countertops in bathrooms and locker rooms to make sure there are no cameras.

If anyone has seen anything suspicious in any of these restrooms or other spaces in the Student Life Center, please call University Police at 801-585-2677 and mention case number 22-3275.