UTAH (ABC4) – Pharmacy technicians at Walmart and Sam’s Club will be honored for their heroic efforts put forth during the pandemic as well as the day-to-day responsibility they take on in the continued growth of the organization’s Health & Wellness business. 

Beginning this week, the franchise is ramping up the wages and career progression through significant investments for Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacy technicians, including nearly 500 to be issued in Utah alone. 

So, what does this all mean?

Effective this week, Walmart is raising the average hourly pay to more than $20 an hour for its abundance of pharmacy technicians which surpasses 36,000 workers. 

Additionally, pharmacy technicians will receive more frequent, automatic pay raises as the company implements “a new progressive wage model designed to set us apart from the competition.”

Among other modifications being made, the company is also making it easier for its pharmacy technicians to become certified. According to representatives, certified pharmacy technicians can make $3 more per hour than their non-certified peers. Walmart is opting to cover the cost of certifications, from career-diplomas, on-the-job-training and test prep, to paying the certification exam fee.

Walmart says these investments reflect the hard work put forth by the franchise’s pharmacy technicians and emphasizes the company’s seriousness about attracting top talent while supplying them with tools to build a successful career. 

As Walmart plans to hire 5,000 more pharmacy technicians this year, representatives expect these investments will help attract top talent.