SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – It’s make or break time Tuesday for several candidates in the race for the White House. The home states for Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich hold their primaries on Tuesday, and those results could determine who stays in the race. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is expected to grab several victories in what’s being called Super Tuesday 3. 
Can anyone stop Donald Trump? That’s the question his opponents are asking. On Tuesday, races in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and the northern Marianas are crucial.
Ohio Governor John Kasich believes he can win in his home state.  
“Oh, yeah. We’re going to win Ohio. I feel very good. I think it’s going to happen,” said Gov. John Kasich, (R) presidential candidate. 
Trump, who’s leading everywhere else, has taken notice.  
“Ohio is going to make America great again. Kasich can’t make America great again,” said Donald Trump, (R) presidential candidate.   
The latest polls show Florida Senator Marco Rubio behind in his home state, but he’s still hoping for a surprise.
“I hope that Americans will choose optimism over fear and hope over anger, and that’s what we’re going to offer them in the months to come,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, (R) presidential candidate.  
Senator Ted Cruz is sitting second in delegates. He’s trying to win over Kasich and Rubio supporters. Cruz is betting the field could look a little different after Tuesday’s results. 
“We welcome you with open arms because only one campaign has beaten Donald Trump,” said Sen. Ted Cruz, (R) presidential candidate.  
For the Democrats, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is banking on continuing her Southern streak, and hoping to add to her delegate count with wins the Midwest too.
“We have to have a big vote tomorrow, that can send a strong message,” said Hillary Clinton, (D) presidential candidate.
However, Senator Bernie Sanders believes his message will help pull off another upset.
“I think we are going to win tomorrow in Ohio,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, (D) presidential candidate.