Vigil to honor Ogden Fallen Officer Nate Lyday


OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Thursday, the Ogden community honored their officer, who lost his life in the line of duty, Officer Nate Lyday. Officer Lyday was killed in a shootout on May 28th.

Now, the people he served are holding a vigil in his honor. Also attending the vigil, The United States Honor Flag.

“The United States Honor Flag” delivered the flag for Officer Nate Lyday’s vigil. The Honor Flag travels the country, to help communities honor fallen heroes.

The flag landed at the Salt Lake City airport, arriving from Orlando, Florida. The founder of US Honor Flag says the flag demonstrates the sacrifice officers, like Nate Lyday made for their communities. He says this same flag, has flown several thousands of miles to honor thousands of fallen heroes all over the world. The flag was even on the last Space Shuttle to the international space station. 

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“It represents the honor on his badge, the loyalty and the dignity this man served,” said Founder of U.S. Honor Flag, Chris Heisler.

Officer Nate Lyday’s vigil started at 9 p.m. Thursday at the police department in Ogden but will progress throughout the city, slowing at Ogden landmarks that were important to Officer Lyday and his family. The ceremony will be lead in a small procession of Ogden city vehicles as well as officer Lyday’s police car, carried on a flatbed trailer.

Brian Eynon, a lieutenant for Ogden PD said the police department has been holding up with COVID-19, protests and riots going on, and a loss of a fellow officer. He told me it’s been very difficult. He says he believes the loss of officer Lyday, has caused the community to remain peaceful during the protests that have taken place in Ogden. 

“I think the recent passing of officer Lyday, has grounded the community, his Ogden family, his own family, and i think the when we had the protests that were peaceful the other day, there was a little thread of feeling that, running underneath everything in all the protests, and I think the community really feels that I really do,” said Eynon.

The community gathered to bring the vigil to an end at Lindquist field, where officer Nate Lyday’s patrol car was put on display surrounded by blue lights and the community holding candles. His car will remain there until his funeral, on Saturday.

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