VIDEO: Two guys try ‘tall man’ trick to get into Black Panther


CARSON, Calif. (KXAN) — We’ve all tried to sneak into a movie theater, but trying to get a 2-for-1 deal by dressing up as an extra tall person isn’t very common.

Over the weekend, two guys decided to get a “2 for 1 at black panther” at a Black Panther showing in the Los Angeles area. In a Snapchat video, one guy got on the other’s shoulders and of course, they put on a long trench coat to mask the ridiculous get-up.

The guys took the escalator up to the movie theater. When they tried to buy a ticket, the theater employee said, “You have to get down man.” There was no fooling him!

The video was also tweeted out by @stevelikescups

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