Online petition circulating for kids to sit with parents on flights

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(CNN Newsource)- An online petition is asking airlines to allow kids to sit with their parents during flights, without charging extra fees.

For families who buy basic economy seats, they can choose assigned seats so children could–and do–end up seated away from their parents.

Last week, Consumer Reports posted the petition “demanding airlines put safety over profits.”

The petition reads: “Children 13 or under should sit with their families while flying and should not be charged extra fees to do so.”

It specifically calls out America, Delta, and United.

A United Airlines spokesman said, “Whenever possible they seat families together.”

American Airlines said in a statement it has been developing a process to ensure children younger than 15 are seated with an adult family member.

As for Delta, they said they encourage customers with seating concerts to contact the airline as soon as possible.

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