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CNN’s Matt Rivers spoke with Julian LeBaron at their Mormon community in Mexico Wednesday. The interview went as follows:

Matt Rivers (off cam): How is the family?

Julian LeBaron: We’ve had a lot of tragedy in our family and we kind of, we dealt with a lot of tragedy, we are a big family.

Matt Rivers (off cam): So how are you dealing with this tragedy, seems like I don’t know, bigger than most anyone has to deal with.

Julian LeBaron: Well, this kind of thing happens to families in Mexico every day. Maybe not in the same scale, but people are murdered, women, children in Mexico, every day.

Matt Rivers (off cam): Is that what you think an American audience might not be totally aware of because most times it doesn’t happen to Americans?

I think it happens to Americans too. I think it happens in the big cities and a lot of people get murdered.

Matt Rivers (off cam): Well I just mean within Mexico.

Julian LeBaron: Oh yea maybe, I don’t know, I mean we’ve had a lot, a lot a lot of violence in the last decade in Mexico.

Matt Rivers (off cam): Why do you think this happened? The government keeps seeming to push this line of mistaken identity, do you buy that?

Julian LeBaron: Well I, we know for a fact that the people who fired on those women and children, knew they were women and children. There’s almost no way, there was no crossfire, they indirectly had their vehicles. It wasn’t 2 different groups fighting each other, they aimed and fired at those 3 vehicles and it was 2 separate incidents. In the first incident, a car broke down where Donna came upon Christina’s vehicle which was broken down, I’m sorry Ronita. and Ronita asked Donna for a ride. So the people that shot at Rontia from up the hill, they saw women and children exchanging vehicles when Ronita came back and got a vehicle from this driveway to go and pick up her husband, right. So when Ronita was up the road, Donna and Christina were in 2 separate vehicle, they were further up the road.

Matt Rivers (off cam): So what do you think all that means,to you that means what?

Julian LeBaron: Well that’s thing we have no explanation for it. What kind of man opens fire on women and children, cause they knew they were women and children. And why did they do it? The only explanation that people have put out there that’s half logical is that the people that did it, did it to provoke some kind of reaction and some kind of… they used these people as bait of some kind, for some reaction. That’s the only thing we can understand because we haven’t been threatened, at least not in any way to suppose that women and children would be murdered.

Matt Rivers (off cam): This came out of nowhere.

Julian LeBaron: Yea it completely, there was no way we could ever predicted it.

Matt Rivers (off cam): I mean, you guys live in a very violent area and yet, you just didn’t see this coming in a sense that you didn’t get threatened, the cartels..

Julian LeBaron: No we’ve been around here for many many years in other words…

Matt Rivers (off cam): Everyone knows who you are.

Julian LeBaron: Yea we see the armed people all the time and they kind of leave us alone.

Matt Rivers (off cam): What do you think changed?

Julian LeBaron: I don’t know, and that’s exactly what we are demanding from the government, we want the truth, we want to know who did it, we want to know why and we want it brought to justice.

Matt Rivers (off cam): So you don’t buy what the government is saying that it was..

A crossfire

Matt Rivers (off cam): Or not a crossfire..

Julian LeBaron: Well I don’t even think they know, in other words they haven’t even come to investigate. The first people who came upon the bodies, the crime scene, was me. I’m the first person that arrived. We told them, the state of Sanora’s government and the state of Chihuahua that uh, that this had happened since 11 am in the morning, we asked them for help they never showed up. We asked the fed police to come with us and we came on the crime scene before any authorities did.

Matt Rivers (off cam): Are you guys angry?

Julian LeBaron: I think that right now we are just sad, just sober, we are just devastated. I mean they were just beautiful women, beautiful mothers, just exemplary people that were just murdered, you know?

Matt Rivers (off cam): So the United States under President Trump, Trump has said its time to waive the all-out war against the cartels and the US would like assistance. Good idea, bad idea? What do you think of the President’s strategy?

Julian LeBaron: Well I don’t know, but uh, I don’t know about war against the cartels but if we’re offered help by the American government to bring the people responsible for this crime to justice. I think we are more than open to accept any help we can get, I mean if extraterrestrials came and offered us help, I think we would accept it at this point.

Matt Rivers (off cam): That’s great, thank you.

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